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Q: Certain channels do not come in clearly?

A: Be sure you activate the Tristar MX with the BPS button on the top left.
A: Use the CFT button first and then push the F+ and F- buttons on the remote to fine-tune the picture.

Q: Every time I go back to one pay channel I have to tune it again, how can I stop that!

A: All you have to do is tune it again using the F+ and F- buttons, once you get it how you like it you will have to push the MEM button. Right after that you will have to push the F+ button to save those settings.

Q: The picture looks like a negative or x-ray, what is it and how do I fix it?

A: It's inversion, just click V1 button on the Coolbox to invert the picture back to normal color.

Q: I've hit the V1 button on the Coolbx but the picture flashes back to a negative every minute or so, what's up?

A: You have rapid random inversion, the Cable box will not work for you.

Q: Some channels are fine, but others are still scrambled and I can't tune them in at all, why does this happen?

A: You might be on a multi-mode system, and you need to change the frequency, to HRC or STD (comes set on STD), then hit the CFT button on each channel. On the Coolbox the switch is on the bottom of the box.

Q: There are some channels where I get nothing, is there something wrong with the box?

A: You most likely do NOT have a live station on every channel. The descrambler is made to handle all analog cable systems, the average number of channels is around 60, but some have as many as 99+ (analog).

Q: I get absolutely nothing, no channels at all. What am I doing wrong?

A: Make sure your TV and the box are set on the correct channel (3 or 4). You may have Digital cable and our box will not work on that system. You will need to contact your cable company and tell them that you would like to go back with Analog cable services. You will then get all the channels you need. If you don't have digital you will need to follow the step above.

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